... Raise Your Influence, Grow Your Email Community & Increase Your Bank Account Balance without having to give up your freedom or work 16 hour days.


*Warning - This Workshop Will Cause You To Gain Clarity & Become A Cash Flow Magnet

Well, if you are here - we may as well chat!
Launching a sales funnel in your business isn't as hard as you think.

If You Are Drawn To Conversations About How To Make More Money In Your Business... you are in the right place!

If You Are Ready To Learn How You Can Put Your Sales On Autopilot And Stop Worrying About Where & When Your Next Sell Is Coming In... you are in the right place!

If You Know That You Have Been More Focused On Creating Your Social Media Plan Than Building Your Email List... you are DEFINITELY in the right place!

Owning a profitable business is more than having the right logo and photographs - those things are extremely important BTW...

but you cannot become so focused on low-level tasks that your bottomline is suffering.

If you want to run a profitable business then you have to make sure you are consistently building your community with high quality, targeted members who see what you offer as an asset.

Act I - The Strategy
You no longer have to worry about trying to "figure it all out" because Funnel In A Weekend teaches you gives you birds-eye view to creating a opt-in funnel that will help you share your products and services with an engaged tribe.  Funnel In A Weekend will teach how to rob-n-duplicate my sales funnel system to attract leads, warm them for your offers and brings more clients/customers through your Stripe account!
Act II - The Offer
Listen, I get it. Just like every other business owner out there, you want to make more money. And while many will not admit it, the reason why their sales are low is because their products and services are not being put in front of the right people. In order to increase your conversions, you have to make sure your offer is being shown to people who WANT AND ARE WILLING to pay you. In the second act of Funnel In A Weekend, I will be your tour guide to creating a sales funnel that makes sure the right offer is being shown to the right people at the right time. We'll cover an analysis of your target audience, Ideal Client Avatar and why they should want to buy your products.
Act III - The Lead Magnet
If I told you that your lead magnet can make or break your sales funnel, would you believe me? I hope so because its true and its BIG FACT. This typically happens when you either miss the mark on making sure you lead magnet is the perfect buffer for your offer OR when your lead magnet does not leave your leads wondering how you can help them hit their goals. Here you will discover the type of lead magnet that will work best for your business, how to optimize the format to increase conversions and how to know when you are giving away too much value.
Act IV - The Tech
Lets face it... tech probably makes your head hurt. And more than likely, its why you have avoided the entire sales funnel process - you just don't have the time to get it done. That's why you'll love Funnel In A Weekend. Its a simple yet effective way to get your sales funnel DONE using my step-by-step system and templates. Yep you read that right... TEMPLATES. Funnel In A Weekend includes everything you need to turn strangers into ideal clients.
Act V - The Conversation
A sales funnel that doesn't make you money is useless. Yeah, I said it. Want to make sure you are running a sales funnel that is helping you build your list with quality leads? Then you want to pull up a seat to Funnel In A Weekend... while I'm teaching you about landing pages, lead magnets, targeting the right audience and email marketing... we'll be chatting a lot about your SELLING. We will cover the type of copy you need for each area of your funnel... as my grandmother used to say... we are gonna cover it all from the roota to the toota!

No more guessing on what needs to be done or how... I'm doing the heavy lifting so that you can stay in the role OWNER. Just follow along to get it done.

"I've been trying to understand sales funnels for awhile now but watching Kim breakdown sales funnels using Beyoncé made it fun and relatable." - Ed Williams, Brand & Content Strategist.









It's Great To E-Meet You!
So let's silence the elephant on the page. 

I teach sales funnels differently.  In my world, sales funnels
are nothing more than a group of tools and resources put together
in an order that will help you grow your email list, 
build an engaged community that loves your business, the
products you offer and trusts that when they spend their money
with you, they won't feel like they've been suckered in the end.

My team ran a check-up on clients in early 2018 and we found something
amazing... my sales funnel strategies results in over $2.3M in BANKED
profits in quarter 4 of 2017 for my clients.

Every sales funnels has three jobs.
- Attract high quality leads.
- Prime them for your offers.
- Convert them into repeat clients & customers.

And that's exactly what I plan to share with you in Funnel In A Weekend. 

This training will teach you how to use the shared strategies along with the resources and tools I provide to speed up the work and get it all done sooner.

By the end of the course, you will have a complete opt-in funnel for your business.  You opt-in funnel will help you attract the right people who can easily become the desired payment notifications you want to see more of.



Access to guided instruction on how to build an email community, setup your opt-in funnel and create MORE money in your business. We will be using the same process I use with my 1:1 Intensive Clients. It's my Zero To Finish plan and it takes exactly 48 hours to complete! Value: $12,500 (the cost of my two-day intensive)

The Funnel Design & Copy Center - a collection of over 25 email templates, video content ideas, headlines and subject lines. Plus, you'll have access to 5 Canva files, 3 Wordpress & 3 Clickfunnels landing page templates.VALUE: $4,700 (the starting cost for a done-with-you sales funnel system)

I Almost Forgot To Tell You About The Bonuses!

BONUS: Funnel Your Way To Six Figures Facebook Ad Course
This video walkthrough will teach you how to quickly get traffic into your funnel using Facebook Ads. You'll learn how to use my two-step plan to finding high quality with a Facebook Ad budget that will not break the bank.  VALUE: $247

BONUS: Authentic Sales Conversations Workshop
Access the replay to a blazing 4-hour sales training that teaches you everything you need to get a HELL YES from your sales calls. You'll learn how to link your discovery call process to your opt-in funnel, use it to stop talking to candidates who are not ready to pay to work with you and put more money in your bank account. Your access to this workshop will also include a digital copy of my Entrepreneurial Success Kit. Your ESK will include the discovery call planner, setup instructions, call scripts, and post-call instructions. VALUE: $697

BONUS: Sales Page Checkpoint
What's the end game of your sales funnel? Duh... the selling! That's why I'm going to give you my step-by-step checkpoint system to building a sales pages. I'll even throw in two sales page templates to make the setup super simple for you. VALUE: $997



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